How to use storytelling in the workplace

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Before it became the on-trend leadership skill of the post-COVID age, we here at Nexus were advising clients on how to use storytelling in their organizations. Now, teaching leaders to do something they probably do all the time outside of office hours may seem quaint, but anyone who’s had to suffer through a story told horribly knows storytelling is a proper gift, just as anyone who’s been inspired by a well-told story can speak to its power to change minds, hearts, and behaviours.

At Nexus, we see storytelling a core skill set that can both sustain and transform an organization’s culture, even (and especially) in challenging times like the ones we’re currently facing. That’s why we’re devoting the next several episodes of The Nexus to storytelling in the workplace. Our host, Chris Nelson, will speak with experts on how storytelling works, why it works, and what you need to do it well.

In the first episode of our storytelling series, Chris speaks with Steve Pratt, veteran storyteller and co-founder of Pacific Content, one of the most successful branded podcasting companies in the space. 

Episode 30