How to Avoid Creating a Remote Second-Class

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“Out of Sight, Out of Mind…”

Here at the Nexus, we love it when our guests give us (intentionally or otherwise) the subject of our next episode. That is exactly what Future Forum’s Helen Kupp did for us recently.   In our discussion around the future of hybrid work, she raised the idea of a “remote second class” – people working away from the office who are prey to systemic disadvantages.   Considering that many employers are using the promise of flexibility to attract talent, you’d think this might be something they’d wish to avoid, and yet some major organizations who have gone hybrid have already signaled their intention to treat remote workers differently from office workers (looking at you, Facebook).  

To find out what kind of challenges a remote second class might present, we spoke with Anita Wooley, Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business.

Episode 23