New Ways of Working: The Remote Vs. In-Office Debate

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To office or not to office… that is the question.

With all vaccine mandates, labour shortages, supply chain disruptions (and now, Omicron) it’s probably hard to know what the best approach to working your people may require.  So, we thought to ourselves – maybe the best way for listeners to discover their own path is just to hear from people who’ve already chosen theirs? In Part 1 of this two-part episode, we’ll hear from two people from two real companies living on opposite ends of the spectrum to find out why they chose to return to the office (or not!), how it’s working and what effects that choice is having on their teams and their organizations. Stephanie Harper, a Growth Partner at Moniker and Jonathan Bensamoun, CEO & Founder of Fi both join us at The Nexus.

Episode 21